We do not post the dance timetable on this website for the protection of your children.  If you would like to enquire about the most suitable class for your child/children, please contact Nerida on 0417 914 731 or email info@allegrodance.com.au

What style of dance should we enrol in?

For the 3 – 6 year olds, our Introduction classes are a mix of ballet and jazz with some simple acrobatics included.  For the student 6 years and older, they can do jazz – a modern and upbeat class and/or ballet – the traditional form of  classical dance that is the foundation for all other dance styles.  At Allegro Dance we have a policy that students cannot enrol in just tap or acrobatics, as we believe that this does not provide them with sufficient dance training to effectively do either of these genres. To enrol in either tap or acro, students must also do either ballet or jazz.

What to wear to class

For classes, there is no set uniform - students can wear any dancewear in any colour they prefer. Tight fitting is best so that the teacher can see their bodies to ensure safe technique. It is great to wear a leotard, and either bike shorts or ballet skirt is optional. Dance tights or socks are fine. Hair should be in a ponytail or bun, and no dangly jewellery. When we get to exams (not compulsory) there is a uniform, full details are provided as required.

What Shoes do we need?

Second hand shoes are available at the studio.

Ballet and Tiny Tots – pink ballet pumps. Bare feet are fine to start the year, however the floor gets very cold during winter, so best to purchase shoes as the weather cools. Jazz & Acro – tan coloured, split sole acro shoes.

Tap– tan coloured tap shoes are required. If you are beginning tap this year, sneakers are fine for the first few weeks while students decide if they want to continue.


Allegro Dance is a member of the Australian Theatrical Dance Association, and students can undertake examinations in classical ballet, tap, acro and jazz.

But there is no pressure! Exams and competitions are optional.

Concert and Costumes

All students participate in the end of year concert held lateNovember / early December, a chance to dress up in greatcostumes and have fun performing for family and friends.

We sometimes utilise sets of studio costumes for a hire fee, however most students are required to purchase a costume for the concert, generally $60 - $90 each, depending on the costume. For the serious student, there are opportunities to do solos, duos or trios in competitions held in Perth and Mandurah during school holidays

Watching Classes

It is much preferred if parents do not stay to watch classes as this creates  extra noise in the studio and can be distracting for the dancers. However, especially for new parents, we understand that you are keen to ensure that the classes are appropriate for your child and some children require your presence to feel comfortable during their first classes, so you are welcome to stay. However, other siblings are not permitted in the studio during class, and a maximum of 1 adult per child. If you would like to have a chat with other parents, or bring other children, can you please wait in the reception area during classes.


Payments can be by term invoice, or per class. You can pay by cash, direct deposit or EFTPOS (transaction fees apply).

Do you have further questions?

Please contact Nerida on 0417 914 731 or email info@allegrodance.com.au